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Closeness to nature

  • Linen is not only an entirely natural material, but also offers health benefits.
  • Linen is anti-allergic.
  • Linen is breathable, it also cools during warm temperatures and keeps warm when its cold.
  • Linen absorbs moisture very well and driest fast.
  • Linen - it's harmony between nature and human.


  • The handcraft is exclusively made with love in the hearts and hands of the creators. Every merchandise is unique and can not be found twice anywhere on Earth.
  • These are not just traditions, these are Latvian fundamental values.
  • The fabric is wear-resistant and does not stretch out.
  • 100% handmade

    Ancient traditions

    • Linen has been one of the Baltic symbols for centuries. Our ancestors, living in harmony with the nature, have been using  it as well for cloothing as in domiciles.